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    Antivirus Help

    I am looking for an antivirus because I am tired of all that **** that tries to infect my PC. So far I looked into Kaspersky Antivirus and McAfee Virus Scan. Which one is better or should I pick something entirely different?

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    Both the AV's you mention a top notch, Kaspersky is #1 overall in detection out of all the AV's.

    I think you should try all the AV's out to see which fits your system the best. Most have a trial download.

    If you try the AV's make sure you completely uninstall the previous one before adding the new one, Norton & McAfee are sometimes known too be problematic at uninstall.

    Kaspersky (and its clones), McAfee, Norton, Nod32, BitDefender would be at the top in detection for high risk users.

    I'm pretty high risk and I use avast! as my main AV and BitDefender 8 free as a backup on demand scanner.

    Free AV's that protect well.
    avast! Home
    AntiVir PE

    Bitdefender 8 free doesn't have real time resident protection.
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    those main stream anti-viruses tend to be very invasive, they often cause problems because they figure the person using their product does not want to deal with setting it up, so when you have to do something like set up a network, things become troublesome. But, if you real dont want to deal with the AV and you dont want to think about your security then go with McAfee. But, if you want to deal with your security go with AVG or something that is geared toward techies.

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    F-Secure is nice and E-scan is very good as is GDATA Antivirus Kit, Panda and Nod32. They all have various strengths and weaknesses.
    Easiest - E-Trust EZ Antivirus (Computer Associates)
    Fastest - NOD32 (Eset)
    Most comprehensive - Any of the Kaspersy based (AVK, E-scan, Kaspersky)
    All round balanced protection - Panda or Symantec Corporate 10

    Go here and you can take advantage of the free offers which if you take them all in turn will get you 2 and a half years worth of protection - cool.
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    I'm using Windows 7 - you got a problem with that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curio
    take advantage of the free offers which if you take them all in turn will get you 2 and a half years worth of protection - cool.

    Excellent point

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    For my PC I use Mcafee 9 Antivirus with Zonealarm Free with broadband internet, 512 MB RAM and Windows XP SP1. It works fine.
    An alternative would be AVG Free or AVAST Free with Zonealarm.

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