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Thread: Radeon Omega Drivers v2.6.61 (Based on Cat 5.8)

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    Radeon Omega Drivers v2.6.61 (Based on Cat 5.8)

    Omega has released a new modified ATI Catalyst 5.8 based driver suite.

    These drivers include a customized version of ATI Tray Tools instead of Radlinker.

    What's New in Omega Drivers v2.6.61:
    - Based on the Catalyst 5.8 Official drivers.
    - Added support for x700 Mobility cards.

    What's new for ATI Tray Tools
    - Updated display rotation module.
    - Update device names database
    - Added Catalyst A.I. control into Direct3D submenu
    - Improved OSD support for OpenGL games and applications.
    - Moved all I2C control functions into kernel mode driver.
    - Added option in General Settings to disable reset clocks before suspend mode.
    - Update "OSD Example" plugin. Added option to show power status. (Battery life time)
    - Added new auto overclocking mode depended on computer power status.

    Download: Radeon Omega Drivers v2.6.61 (Based on Cat 5.8)


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    I haven't updated in a while. I probably should get to this on the double step.

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    I updated and had nothing but problems. All rendering became worse than trying to run graphics on an 8086 machine

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