Don't know if this is correct forum as I don't know if the behavior is XP or my Firefox browser or even something else. Hope someone has a suggestions.

I'm using latest FF version with XP and broadband. I have twice tried rebooting and unplugging my modem foer 30". It has not helped. Problem is with connecting to sites as I noted in Subject. No problem with email. Yahoo Messenger works just fine, so has ICQ.--has all day-it's past midnight EDT now.

Here's what happens. I click on my FF desktop icon. I get a blank white page except for the address bar toolbar, the File...Edit...View...toolbar and my site icons toolbar. No Google search bar which is there always when things are working. The green rectangles progress bar does not fill at all or fills 1/2 way and then 1-2-3 MINUTES go by till I give up and close the window. Then I click the FF desktop icon again. And up comes Firefox with the Google search bar. All is well. I click my Mozillazine icon. I get to almost immediately. Then I click "forums" and I get " could not be found. Please check the url and try again." I close that popup and click "forums" again and get through to the forums page in a flash.

Often attempting to connect to a site or in clicking on a link to another page of the site I get stuck waiting for images to load and the taskbar reads "waiting for..." or "transferring data from..." and I wait and wait and wait for 2-3-4 minutes until I give up. In these instances the progress bar will filll with 4 or 6 or 7.5 green rectangles and again I wait and wait and wait. Sometimes I see a mouse arrow WITH an hourgrlass beside it when I am waiting...waiting.

Then there are times when things work fine for the whole day