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Thread: OSX X86 Has Gone Retail

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    OSX X86 Has Gone Retail

    That is in Bangkok:

    While it may be years (possibly never, although I think it'll happen) before you can purchase a legitimate copy of OS X for your regular x86 PC, pirates in Bangkok have sped up the process, selling what they call a "retail" version of OSx86. According to Hardmac:

    "Pirates of course took advantage of the community discoveries, in order to sell versions they dare to call "Retail Edition", for 6 Euro."

    Six Euro? Around 12 Dollars? We find it appalling that someone would try to make a quick buck from someone else's (Apple's) work. And, for the record, we neither support nor endorse any of their activities, nor any illegal use of OS X for that matter. These pirates have used hackers' "cracks" from elsewhere, not "discoveries" from this site.

    They do everyone a disservice. Here, no one wins.

    Source: osx86project

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    They will create a demand for the real thing that may not otherwise of existed. Why do you think Photoshop, Dreamweaver etc... are so popular in the work place when other packages can do the same stuff? The availability of cheap or free copies of the software means people get used to it - then when they can afford it and if they feel guilty enough they will buy it. I know thats why all my software is the legit versions, I tried it for free and the ones I liked I supported by paying for it.

    I believe that they could make software un-crackable but it is counter-productive to the manufacturers. Consider Linux - if it cost the same as Microsoft Windows would so many people try it? Actually consider Windows XP - without the 'leaked' corporate versions would so many people have tried it and bought it?

    There is more to this than meets the eye. I don't say that it's right just that it isn't a mortal sin to try something before you buy it. Besides that it is a reality that many people in many parts of the world could not get access by another way because the prices charged for them are incredibly high.

    Say somebody gets a dodgy version of Dreamweaver and learns it well - they love the ways of web design and become very good at it because they enjoy it. They then get a job as a web designer and they earn money which they then use to - buy Dreamweaver... woohoo!!
    The world is great.

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