Yesterday my harddrive (IDE-WD250) crashed and before I want to deal with a loss of close to 100 GB data I first wanted to ask whether anyone can help me here.

I am a relative newbie so I am going to describe what happened:

I was using it as a slave in a USB frame for external use. When I plugged it in to another system I got the message: "USB device malfunctioning". I tried it again on my own system where it used to function normally and I got the same message. After that I plugged it directly as slave to my mainboard and I got the typical "ms consistency check" while booting. After scaning the drive it was doing an "orphaned file recovery".

Now half of my files are messed up, meaning although the file and directory structure stays unharmed, it seems that they are pointing to other data than they are supposed to. For example I open an mp3-file and it plays something else.

My first question is if anyone can explain to me what went wrong and second if there is any system tool that could fix this error.

Many thanks in advance!!!