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Thread: Xm2Rss - a Gmail Notifier

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    Xm2Rss - a Gmail Notifier

    Screenshots and Download

    xm2Rss is a small program that let's a user of Gmail check their mail without having to be logged in through their web browser.
    The program sits in the bottom right hand corner of the user's screen and constantly checks to see whether the user has new mail or not.
    If they do, the user can then click on the tab that tells them how many new messages they have and it will automatically log them into
    their Gmail account. xm2Rss is not just a program but an RSS feed that is freely available to any user who wishes to use it. It is derived from the original gmail2Rss script developed by however his project was abandoned on version 0.3 in August of 2004. The xm2Rss script allows the developer or user to pass in their username and password and the script generates a dynamic RSS XML sheet containing information about their account, such as: Amount of new messages, number of total messages, amount of space used, and more. As the software becomes more popular we will increase the amount of information that is displayed in the RSS feed.
    If you want a pretty Gmail notifier with a voice that says - 'you have a new message' then get this. It runs from xm2.exe and there isnt any installation.
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    If you're looking for a pretty notifier for GMail you could also give the GMail Notifier widget for Windows from Konfabulator a try.
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