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Thread: Small expansion slot - nonstandard?

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    Small expansion slot - nonstandard?

    I've bought a 2nd-hand DELL PC from work. A 1.7GHz P4 fr 25 seemed pretty good!

    But while it has an AGP slot, the case is small (it's a DELL workstation, GX240 I think and it looks like the metal bit on the back of the card is too long:

    Now many graphics cards are very small these days so the card itself would fit, it only the metal bit were shorter.

    Is this a standard thing I might look for, or do I need to carefully select a small AGP graphics card and VERY carefully trim the metal strip? Because the 16Mb ATI card degrades the system a lot from having a 5200 or something nicer in there...

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    it must take a Low Profile graphics card.

    Make sure that you get one that is compatible with your model of pc

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    They're also called "Half Height" cards sometimes.

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