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Thread: Can't Use Wide-Flat Panel-Monitor as Primary with XP Pro SP2

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    Exclamation Can't Use Wide-Flat Panel-Monitor as Primary with XP Pro SP2

    I need to set up my work PC at home for awhile, but when I connect my OLEVIA 27" flat panel to the onboard video it causes a BSOD, dump and reboot when windows loads up.
    I can start windows in safe modes and it works fine so I am assuming it is some sort of compatability issue, at this point.
    My intermediate solution is to connect the box to a standard 17" flat panel as the primary monitor and I have added a second video card where the wide-screen is current connected.
    After setting XP to use both monitors, the problem goes away. I just have to have the little monitor on the floor so the PC has it to connect to as windows starts up.
    I am running a P4 3.0GHz system with XP Pro SP2 with all the updates. There does not appear to be a driver update for this monitor OLEVIA 27" and I see comments when I search that others have had this problem as well.
    Suggestions anyone?

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    What is the exact error? So I'm understanding that it works fine in safe mode, and seems to work in normal mode with the 27" as the secondary monitor? What onboard video card is it?

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    Update on Hardware

    System is Dell Dimension 4700 with the onboard video: Intel 915G Graphics Controller

    The error message went by so quickly that I couldn't see what it said. The only change that I made was the monitor connection so I just assumed that was the problem.

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