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Thread: Black screen

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    Question Black screen

    PC goes black on screen when installing windows xp with SP2 included . Takes windows xp without a problem but, when I install the SP2 cd it goes black.

    conclusion SP2 has some sort of conflict with the pc.

    gigabyte board ,pen. 4 3ghz, 128 nvidia videocard.

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    MIght be a video driver conflict. Or it could be BIOS related. Check your manufacturer for both items for updates.

    Did you try booting into safemode with SP2 installed?

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    man i hade the same case befor in afrinds computer ifixed that by instaling winme (windows milenum)....and the reson of it in my case was the hard ware couldnt take xp as asystem can tray that.....from the other hand you have agreat mix gigabyte board 4 3ghz, 128 video if i was you iwould start thinking apout avirus scan becouse some viruses can do that ....
    good luck

    medo the lover ....

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