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Thread: Windows Firewall

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    Windows Firewall

    I am running XP Pro, with SP2 and all the critical updates. I have cable internet. Since I am also behind a Linksys router, I feel fairly safe using the Windows Firewall. However a friend has basically the same setup, but "without" the router. Question--is the Windows firewall just as good as the FREE firewalls such as ZA, Sygate, Kerio etc ? If the answer is that the Windows firewall is much less effective than the others listed, which other free one is easiest to use ? Thank you.

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    The major difference between windows firewall and a third party app, is the fact that microsoft blocks incoming but NOT outgoing. Whereas a third party offers bi-directional filtering.

    And third parties have many features and improvements that make them better for someone without a router.

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    BB is correct, MS firewall is very good on in bound and out bound network traffic. It doesn't have "outbound application control"

    You could use app control programs like ProcessGuard, Winsonar.....

    Here's a good MS firewall guide

    @mike13, in your case (router) you'd be better served using Sygate, you can disable packet filtering (inbound firewall part) and still have Sygates out bound control. Or you can use light running Kerio 2.1.5.

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