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Thread: Firefox options settings don't change

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    Firefox options settings don't change

    When I set preferences in Firefox, no changes in behaviour occur. For example, I told it that I wanted to browse using tabs. Now I get a single browser tab and the pages change in that tab only- no matter how many times I tell it to open new pages in a new tab.

    Another pain is when I told the browser to allow images from sources outside the original page to load (Like on my start page from Yahoo or Excite) and it still blocks ooutside ads. Not a big deal except that it blocks my own weather image from

    These things never change no matter how many options I change in the preferences boxes.

    Thunderbird already crashed so hard I had to go back to Outlook. I may have to give up on this crap too.
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    Do you have the extention Tab Mix Plus or Tabbrowser Preferences installed ?

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