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Thread: Setting up an AMD Athlon64 X2

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    Setting up an AMD Athlon64 X2

    I'd like to buy a new computer...
    and I've decided to switch from Intel to AMD
    I need a new fast PC for simulation and compiling code, not for playing 3D games.

    Which is the best chipset for an AMD Athlon64 X2?
    And which memory?

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    Asking us this question is a little like asking the village idiot about the secret of life. You may get the right answer but it is likely to reflect pure luck.

    I did spend some time with Google and found the following.

    Most of the information about chipsets for AMD 64 date back to 2003. You can bet that all manufactures have improved chipsets since 2003.

    As far a numbers go, I found more testing accomplished with motherboards equiped with Nvidia chipsets. This probably reflects the board available to the test organization. Choosing the Nvidia chipset should result in similar results to test numbers that are available on the net.

    You can also obtain motherboard recommendations from AMD website. LINK

    One last thing. If my advice turns out to be wrong and you don't like the results, I will be happy to take it off your hands. I am sure that it will outperform my AMD 900Hz.
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    One thing is for certain about the Overclocking community, the chipsets are tried & trued

    Whether you overclock or not when it comes to performance to the extreme, beyond system spec's, look no futher than Nividia Nforce4

    Ram- what do you have now ?

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