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Thread: gigabyte K8NSC and sata drive problems

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    gigabyte K8NSC and sata drive problems

    So today I tried to access one of my WD sata drives and it took a really long time. so did some house cleaning and del some old files, ran diskclean up and it failed so I rebooted and I did notice in comp management it shows up as status "AT RISK" online with errors.ran chkdsk found some errors now running chkdsk /f/r to fix it. In device manager I did notice that I had a conflict with PNP bios not sure it thats related. I also tried to boot up with the WD tool to run some tests but it would start to boot to the app and my Lcd would be black so thats another issue. so I booted in safe mode and it would hang on MUP.sys loading and would never boot to safe mode. If you have any ideas I would love to try them out after I run this chkdsk.
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