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Thread: I can't remove Nexus spyware.

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    I can't remove Nexus spyware.

    It also had the name Cool Web Search. Nexus is in my Add / Remove

    program. It won't uninstall. I ran Avast anti-virus & got a worm & trojans

    removed. I ran Spybot & removed 34 spywares. I did a online scan with

    CwShredder. It said there were no traces of 'Cool Web Search' on my PC.

    CwShredder said other settings had changed. I don't know if it reset them. I

    ran Ewido & it removed 45 infected objects. I still have the spyware. The

    spyware prevents me from going to some anti-spyware sites. Advice?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Reverend
    Yes. It just seemed to put back some of the spyware that I was able to

    remove. I clicked uninstall. My Avast anti-virus went off. Avast said I got a


    The spyware keeps deleting my cookies. I have to keep signing in.

    Thanks for replying.
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    1. If Windows XP, have you disabled system restore ?

    You must disable SR before cleaning out the malware, otherwise they just come back. You can re enable it after you are clean.

    Turn off System Restore

    1. Click Start, right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.
    2. Click the System Restore tab.
    3. Select the Turn off System Restore check box (or the Turn off System Restore on all drives check box), and then click OK.
    4. Click Yes when you receive the prompt to the turn off System Restore.
    2. Run scan in Safe Mode

    Restart your system in safe mode by pressing/tapping F8 while booting up your computer. Before you begin - Empty Temporary Internet Files. Now run scan with up-to-date antivirus and antispyware programs (try Spy Sweeper, MS antispyware and Ad-aware SE) and remove any infections found.

    Delete the Internet Explorer Temporary Internet Files

    1. Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Internet Options.
    2. On the General tab, click Delete Files under Temporary Internet Files.
    3. In the Delete Files dialog box, click to select the Delete all offline content check box .
    4. Click OK.

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