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    Smile Best 9600XT

    Hi and happy new year!

    I´ve got a question...
    I saw in Newegg this 2 cards...

    Which is the best one? I heard that the 128MB difference between them is nothing. Also, in Newegg´s site people complain about the red card. So I trust more the black card, also is cheaper!
    Which would you buy?
    I´m not getting another card, like a 6600GT or another. I´m not interested in them, because I don´t use very much the PC. But I want to play GTA San andreas, Wolfenstein, Prince of persia sands of time, Soldier of fortune 2, GTA vice city and some older games.
    Regarding the cards listed above, in theory, the should have the same memory and clock speeds, but the reviewers in Newegg say that the red one has slower memory speeds.
    Do you know anything about this?

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