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Thread: My Mac is acting whack!!

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    My Mac is acting whack!!

    Lately I've been having a recurring problem with my desktop mac machine... the dock freezes when scroll through it... to get it out of the freeze I go to the top menu and select Window and none of the commands are active (I mean they are all grey, you can see them but you cant activate or click on them with the mouse)... then when I go back to the dock its functional for a short time until I try to scroll through it again.

    Here's my system information: Mac G5, 4.5GB DDR SDRAM, OS X v10.4.3

    I've reinstalled the OS and that didnt fix the problem

    Are there any Mac gurus/experts who have any idea of what could be creating this problem?

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    Cash_site, I figured could help with this. I am not that experienced with Mac. It's odd that this still happens even after a reinstall of the OS... could it be a hardware issue? I wonder...

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    How did you reinstall ?

    Did you do an "Archive and install" or a clean install ?

    If you did an archive and install, did you select to keep users etc ?

    There's some stuff you can check before reinstalling everything.

    First of all, have you repaired your permissions ? Boot from your install CD, and from the tools menu select disc utility. Select your disk drive, and do a repair permissions. Also, try to verify the disk.

    Secondly, try to create another user and see if the problem persists for that user. If the problem goes away, you have some problems with the user prefs.

    If you want to do a reinstall, I'd suggest you do not keep anything from your old installation - i.e. you can do an "Archive and install", but don't keep the user information. Go into the archived user folder and copy over your documents, pictures and movies, but not the library files.

    Generally speaking, you'd probably be more successful in seeking for help at Apples discussion board

    Most people here belong to the dark side

    Kind regards from a fellow mac user

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    Dark side only Mac I deal with, and that's not very often lives under the Golden Arches....

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    There have been a few people complaining about Freezing docks with the latest OSX version. It more effects the new Intel Chipped Macs, but high-end G5s with large memory amouns are sometimes effected.

    Was this problem always the case for you? Or only after installing a certain program?

    Fenelaar's suggestions are great to consider too.

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