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Thread: Running Avast free edition and Norton AV on the same computer

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    Running Avast free edition and Norton AV on the same computer

    Not that I want to run both simultaneously. But I thought I would like to disable one most of the time while running the other and then once a month or so, temporarily disable the one running fulltime and run a system-wide check with the one that [had been disabled[/U].

    So now I have both installed on my computer. (My Avast is the Home edition; NAV is the 2003 version)

    When I installed Avast I got (and get with every boot) this message: "Avast detected Norton AV is running. The on-access scanner module of this program and the on-access scanner of AVAST CANNOT be simultaneously. As a result, the AVAST Main on-access scanner: std. shield, P2P shield and Instant Msg Shield were disabled."

    OK, no problem. I just disabled NAV. But did that automatically cause Avast to enable the disabled shields listed in the last paragraph? If so, Avast gave me no indication one way or the other. Or if it did, I couldn't find where.

    OK, so not knowing I thought I would stop NAV from starting up and see if I'd get any messages then. But how do I do that? NAV is not in MSCONFIG and it is not in the startup list. So now what will I have to do--uninstall NAV--that's defeating my idea of having the 2 programs of course! Is there a way to "turn off" NAV so Avast can run unrestrictedly? Or turn Avast off so NAV can run unrestrictedly?

    And how do I know (or can I) for a fact that Avast's standard shield, P2P Shield and Instant Msg Shield are operating. If I left click the systray "a icon" of Avast, it tells me that the internet mail, the network shield and the web shield are running. (The Outlook Shield is waiting for a sub system to start, I'm told, but that is OK--I use Eudora.). BUT...there seems to be nothing that tells me Std. Shield, P2P shield and Instant Msg Shield are operating--so I guess I just assume they are--once I can turn off or disable NAV--would that be correct?

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    Norton and avast! will not live together on the same PC. Its best you remove both and start over.

    Removing Norton 2003 can be a pain, go Here for instructions.

    If you have problems removing avast! use this avast! uninstall utility

    After system is clean choose which AV you want, IMO I'd use avast! over Norton 2003...but Norton 2005 or 2006 would be a good choice if you like Norton.

    If you choose avast! and you want a great on-demand only backup scanner use BitDefender 8 free, avast and Bitdefender work well together. When you do on-demand scan with BD just pause the standard shield of avast! until BD is finished.

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    Another good idea is to install your favourite one, and get a second opinion every once in a while through a free online scan - most AVs have one.

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