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Thread: CD drive recognition

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    Angry CD drive recognition

    Can anyone advise why my system does not recognise recordable CDs when inserted. CDs with data are read but blanks show "insert disc in drive"
    (Using Windows 2000) Many CDs have been tried without any success.
    Hope you can help!!!

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    What brand(s) are you trying? I have found Maxell and Memorex to be problematic recently.

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    In My Computer is the drive recognized as CDRW or just a standard CD

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    I'm not sure that you have a problem. I have 4 programs that will "write to disk". None of them will recognize or analyse a blank disk until you choose the files you want to copy (within the copy program). then you insert the disk and it will tell you the condition of the disk. Available space etc. However, if there is something on the disk, My Computer will analyse and report the condition of the disk. DRB

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