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Xilokit Releases Deskloops 1.3 for accelerated navigation in the PC environment

Windows organization software dramatically increases screen real estate while enhancing user orientation in the loaded PC environment New York City, NY - November 10, 2005 - Xilokit today announced the release of Deskloops 1.3, the company's first product leveraging its innovation. Xilokit's patent pending Loop Environment Technology (LET) adds a layer to a PC's physical display, on which all open windows are available to a user simultaneously being placed over a virtual loop. The software is available free of charge.

Deskloops enables a user to arrange all windows into a virtual loop, which can be scrolled, viewed in thumbnail version, saved and even e-mailed to others. For the growing number of PC users who need to open multiple windows and applications, Deskloops increases screen real estate, eliminates window clutter, and gives users a simple tool for desktop content navigation and organization.

A more friendly user interface

"The windows user interface has hardly changed in a decade," said Xilokit VP R&D Gil Lederman. "But now that users are working with multiple windows and applications and surfing several websites at once for research, they are finding the old tools insufficient for handling their overloaded screen. The more windows you open, the harder it is to locate what you want."

Indeed, the Windows Task Bar was designed to handle only a few open windows at once. More than that and windows become difficult to locate as each new one opens on top of the previous one. "Anyone trying to work with multiple applications spends too much time trying to locate the content they need," continued Lederman. "Xilokit Deskloops eliminates this bottleneck to productivity and presents a much more intuitive way of organizing and working with windows."

More Products Planned

Deskloops is the first offering from Xilokit, which is planning to roll out a suite of software products that enhance the user productivity by improving PC environment, as well as vertical market applications and enterprise content solutions.


Xilokit Deskloops runs on Windows XP and is available as a download free of charge by visiting