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Thread: Broadband with 5GB montly usage limit?

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    Broadband with 5GB montly usage limit?

    I'm wondering if this limit is of any problem to me as I think about getting broadband. I can get a 8Mbps service (including a free domain) with this limit cheaper than a 1MBps limitless service in the UK.

    5GB works out as 167Mb of usage per day - which doesn't seem bad. A full game demo every 3 days, or about as many smaller applications and windows update downloads as I can cope with. Obviously simple web-browsing is not going to be a problem.
    But if I were to get into online gaming, is there any general figure for how much that takes up? The 5GB I presume is sent AND received data, how much data would a typical game send/receive in an hour for instance?


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    That's a good question and I'd be keen to hear opinions on this.

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    Found this over at Dan's Data.

    Bandwidth, and how to use it up

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    nice article about bandwidth.

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    be wary

    5 gigabytes of downloads is nothing and a month is a very long time. Read the fine print as many little providers chrage an arm and a leg for any overuse in bancwidth and I've heard as much as $20 for every 1 gig overuse.

    One thing you are forgetting is that every website and webpage you visit you are downloading and this is considered download bandwidth by your isp. most pictures are 50k in size and if you have 10 of those on every page of a website that is 500k you just downloaded loading a page. 10 websites is 5 megabytes and i am sure you have seen flash ads and websites that are preloading video ads. These are more and you will and can surf through google and find 50 different websites and use 300 megs in a heartbeat.

    Checking email is also download and upload bandwidth and is included in the limit and you will be charged as the isp only see's upload and download data.

    surfing the net, checking email and actually downloading a game are all the same thing to your isp.

    if your on dialup, 5 gigs is huge as the connection is very slow. But on broadband 5 gigs a month is considered "casual user" that checks mail and reads the weather once in a while.

    To give you an idea of my service. My ISP uses it's own cables and network and is not renting or piggy backing off an online internet service. They give me 100 gigabytes of transfer bandwidth a month.

    smaller isp or should I say most other in the area use the phone companies backbone. The phone company (adsl) currently does not have a bandwidth limit or say up to 60 gigs a month before they send you an "please stop using so much bandwidth!" email. Smaller isp's rent off of adsl and charge you a smaller fee a month and give you up to 6 gigs a month (5 down and 1 up) and for every gig over they ding you a $20 charge to your card.

    Try this free bandwidth tester for a month and see how much you really use a month. it's called DU Meter and it logs your bandwidth usuage.

    If you are currently on dialup it would be safe to add 1000% to your daily bandwidth usuage as brodband is always there and always convenient.

    DU Meter, free for 30 days.

    Don't take me word for it. read the fine print from your ISP on over limit fees
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