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Thread: Dell Drops Line of MP3 Players

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    Dell Drops Line of MP3 Players

    Stiff competition from Apple and others leaves Dell withdrawing from the portable MP3 player market

    Dell has announced that it will cease to develop and ship its line of Jukebox portable MP3 players. Over the past year, sales of Dell's MP3 players have seen poor sales numbers. Stiff competition from others, especially Apple, affected Dell's sales performance on all high end units. Analysts are saying that Dell was unable to complete because it lacked a true integrated package-- such as iTunes. Apple meanwhile connects its iPod, OS, with iTunes on a very successful and global level. Dell at this time has no plans to reintroduce its MP3 players.
    Dell MP3 DJs are unaffected by the announcement, and are still on sale via Dell's website.

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    Dell should partner up with apple and release a Dell branded iPod... Dellpod or something like that.

    That or release a really good MP3 player and stick with it. I think it's tough to beat the iPod, but the Creative Zen Vision:M looks sweet!

    Very sleek.

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    dell and microsoft teaming up to produce their own version of ipod?? sounds like a plan!

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    Dell will wind up doing something, just like they did when HP gave them problems selling their printers, they purchased Lexmark and now produce them with a DELL name on them.

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