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Thread: looking for good vid card, not high priced though:

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    looking for good vid card, not high priced though:

    Anyone know about this XFX 6800 XTREME card?

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    I've got a 6800GS. (by Point of View)

    The GS has a default core clock of 425 MHz. The XT is 350 MHz.

    It depends on what you will mainly be using it for. The XT is fine but the GS will give you higher overclocking options.

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    i agree with rev go with the 6800GS
    because it, like he said, has a higher core clock rate also has 12 pixel pipelines instead of the 8 that the xtreme has and as far as pixel shaders id assume that the xt has 4 where as the gs has 5 so all in all for an extra 50 bucks it will hold you over a bit longer then the xt will

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