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Thread: My computer keeps trying to access the internet

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    My computer keeps trying to access the internet

    After running up-to-date of spybot:search & destroy and the other recommended anti-spyware app, I found over 60 things to fix, including some variant of MyDoom and a couple of other things with a rating of 6-8.

    After removing them though, I now get my PC trying to access the internet - there's nothing to make it do this in Startup so I wondered if this is a spyware app trying to seek revenge? The anti-spyware programs wouldn't be trying to auto-update I take it, but none of the messages look like they come from these apps so I'm slightly confused.

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    It could be some spyware trying to phone home. I'd do another scan. Also run an Antivirus, and use another anti-spyware app. I use three on my wife's PC because she doesn't really care about security all that much.

    Check the task manager and see if you see any app listed there that might be suspect of doing the connection.

    Also check your windows auto-update, and any other software that might want to auto-update. I know MS office sometimes does this, XP does this, AnyDVD does this, and several other applications try to connect to the interweb for updates.

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