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Thread: Can you recommend a web cam?

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    Can you recommend a web cam?

    I'm looking for another PC camera so I can do video phone calls. I have an Intel Pro right now and I love it. There are plenty of Intels left but they aren't supported anymore and I don't want to have a set of bookends when the software becomes outdated.
    Does anyone know of a great quality cam like Intel with good software?

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    Logitech Quickcam Fusion

    This is the camera I would get if I were to buy one today. I have a Creative NX Pro camera that's ragged but it's serving the purpose.

    Here's a good review of it as well:,00.asp

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    I think the safest solution for you would be to go with BB's suggestion and get the Logitech. I don't see Logitech getting out of the peripheals business any soon

    Ordinarily I'd reccomend an Apple Quickcam, but I've seen some rumours that indicate the audio might be fiddly to get to work on a PC. It will use XPs built-in drivers for the video, but audio doesn't cut it for some reason... I'm going to test it on a PC, but don't hold your breath waiting for me to get the time any soon...

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