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Thread: 2 PC Home Network Issue

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    2 PC Home Network Issue

    Im a complete newbie and am trying to set up a wireless home network and need some help.

    I have my cable modem plugged into a Linksys broadband router. From the router to computer A via ethernet. Computer A also has a linksys wireless pci adapter, which accesses the internet. Computer B has a linksys pci adapter and a disabled integrated ethernet card. Both PC's are sharing the internet with no problems.

    Here's my issue...

    Computer A (Win XP Meida Ed) is the host (or supposed to be), computer B (Win XP Pro) is the client. Computer A can't see (My Network Places & Workgroup) computer B or share files. But computer B can see computer A and share files and the printer connected to A.

    I've tried using the network config wizard several times as well as the home network setup wizard. Each time enabling file sharing. I've added the IP range to the firewalls on both PC's, both PC's use the same admin user name and password.

    I know computer A's IP address, but when I run IPCONFIG on computer B the window opens and closes too quickly to read. I did have 2 successful pings using the first 5 addy's in the IP range.

    1. Do I have the hardware set correctly?
    2. Any ideas on how to get A to see B and share B's files?

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    Run cmd and in the command window type IPCONFIG /ALL then it won't just disappear. File Sharing is not enabled by default on WXP Pro so you need to 'share' something before you can access it, it might also be a good idea to check that file and printer sharing is allowed through the firewall.

    You may also be able to access the default administrative shares by entering \\%computerb%\c$ in the run dialog (replace %computerb% with the relevant hostname).

    Good luck.

    PS another good quick way to do local network discovery and open stuff is to use LookAtLan which you can download from
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    I'm using Windows 7 - you got a problem with that?

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