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Thread: Is someone stealing my bandwidth?!

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    Is someone stealing my bandwidth?!

    I have a Netgear WGR614v6 wireless router. Whenever I enable the wireless network (I use WPA-PSK with a 63 character password, use the 'g' network only & disable my SSID broadcast) for any extended period of time I see an unprotected wireless network named 'linksys'. What's very interesting is that as soon as I disable my wireless network, within 10 minutes the unprotected linksys network becomes unavailable as well. If I decide to enable my wireless network again, with several hours the linksys network shows up! Do you guys think someone is stealing bandwidth from me using a linksys router? I just find it VERY coincidental that another wireless network appears & disappears the same time mine does. What do you guys think & how can I prevent this as I thought using WPA-PSK with the maximum character limit would make me pretty tough to steal bandwidth from.

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    It is my understanding that the way you are describing this, it cannot happen. At least as far as another router using your bandwidth, especially if you are using WPA. That is reported to be the absolute most secure encryption used in Home Routers. I don't use WPA myself (don't get any ideas scabs...You'll never find me) but Are you meaning that you are using a 64 bit encryption instead of a 63 character password? If so you could consider increasing that...

    You may have already seen this but here is their site:
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    I have seen this before - I think it's a quirk of some of the Linksys routers, if you try connecting to the 'unsecured' one you can't actually connect.
    I'm using Windows 7 - you got a problem with that?

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