i know a similer thread was posted and i read through it and i wasent too clear if it is the same problem so i reposted this.

I cannot get onto the internet. i have my LAN3 enabled and i have tried disabling and enabling it. i have also tried to repair it and recieve this message:

The folling steps of the repair operation failed: Renewing the ip address. please contact your administrator or isp.

i have tried unplugging both the modem and router. i have goen in cmd and released the ip. then when i tried to renew it said:

'An error occurred while renewing interface Local Area Connection 2 : unable to contact your DHCP server. Request has timed out.'

i am running off of road runner and using a webstar modem with a linksys 4 port router if that is of any help. right now im using the internet off of a computer running off the same router and modem. if anyone could help me with this i would appreciate it very much. thanks for reading.