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Thread: Accessing resources on two different networks

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    Accessing resources on two different networks


    We currently run MS Server 2003 with three client computers. It is set up DHCP with DSL, wired only. Our small office is within a larger building that has a DHCP network with numerous printers. We have permission to access/use the network printers on their network. And, we have CAT5 ports in our office for the building network. Our client computers are not connected to a domain on our MS Server 2003 - they only access Exchange, and our office's printers/shared folders through a bat file. I figured not being a part of a domain would make connecting to the building network's resources (printers) easy.

    What is the best way to access resources on the building network? Should I install a second nic on the client computers and plug into the building network? Would bridging these two nics allow this to happen? How would my computer know what nic to use for the different networks' resources?

    btw, we run xp media center on the client pcs.

    Any help is appreciated!

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    Hmm... you might be able to add a second NIC to your Server which connects to the building network (ensure that your internal network is running a different IP regime) Then bridge the networks on the server and add the network printers and share them. Then from your clients, you should be able to add the printers from your server (virtually shared from the network)...

    Hopefully that might work, depending on the Group policy settings on the building network. Perhaps only domain connected computers have access...


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    What ever router you are using to connect your network can be connected to their network and bridged. That way 2 different IP subnets can connect to each other. Where I work (KY State gov) there are probably hundreds of subnets for different offices and locations, all reachable between each other by routable subnets.

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