While browsing the Tinderbox Builds on the Mozilla FTP server I found that they placed Firefox 2 Alpha 1 on there. A Tinderbox Build means that it may not be what gets released, but often it is. This was just placed on there today which makes sense because the code lockdown was last night.

If you decide that you donít want to try this Tinderbox Build then you can wait until Tuesday when the official Firefox 2 Alpha 1 will get released. There may or may not be some slight changes from the version that was released today and the version that will be released on Tuesday.

For those that are going to give this a whirl there is one thing that you definitely need to keep in mind and that is most of your extensions will not be compatible with this release!

I havenít had much time to play around with it yet because I wanted to make sure I got these links posted so that other people can start to use it.

Download: Firefox 2 Alpha 1 (not official)

Source: Cybernetnews