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    Internet connection

    I have just purchased a Toshiba Satellite Pro A10 laptop. I have tried to connect the laptop to the internet but I am unable. I have a desktop computer connected to a hub which is in turn connected to a cable modem. I have had no problems with this and last year I had another laptop connected to the hub and it worked ok. Not so this toshiba. I have re-installed Windows XP twice and also connected the laptop direct to the cable modem, does not make any difference. The `Local Area Connection` is enabled and apparently working ok. When I click on `Repair this connection` I get the following message: (The following steps of the repair operation failed - renewing IP address failed - Please contact your network administator or ISP). When I click on Internet Explorer all I get is `The page cannot be displayed`window. I do not know if this is anything but when I click on Local Area Connection Status, under activity, it shows 104 packets sent, none received. Could the LAN connection be faulty? Any ideas anyone please.

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    Try running the manufacturers diagnostics on the system specifically to check the ethernet port.

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