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Thread: Pyramid Power

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    Pyramid Power

    Anyone use Pyramid Power? A great energy booster for the body and haas other uses as well. Discovered years ago by a Frenchman in Egypt. He found a dead cat in a pyeamid and noticed it wasn't rotten and didn't rot for the next three weeks that he checked it. Did a little experimenting and found when placed under a replica it would keep his razor sharp so he patented it as a razor sharpener. Seems the pyramid shape gives off an energy field and it preserves things(foods). Recharge batteries,energize your car engine,increase plant growth and of course keep your razor sharp. I had my Bic razor under one for a year and it was always sharp. Any comments on this effect???

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    Check this site out:

    ***** let's be honest, if all these "mystical" powers had any validity, goverments and big businesses would have patented them and profited from them a long time ago!
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