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Thread: Thin Clients

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    Thin Clients

    Anyone have any useful info or links on how to implement this tecnology? All Im getting from google are defenitions and commercial solutions...We have 4 old PIIs and on new P4 at university and a lack of pcs and no money so it seems perfect for thin clients. Also, universities get free software (mostly microsoft stuff), although Ill bet this will be better done in Linux we do use Office more and I am more familiar with windows...any help at all will be highly appreciated.


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    Good place to start would be here:

    All you really need is one good server for Terminal services. Then all your PC's can use terminal sessions thus making the clients "thin" since most all resources are used on the server.

    This is probably the cheapest and easiest thin client solution. The license for Microsoft server 2003 (or other microsoft product)would be your most expensive cost, that and a good server to run it.

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