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Thread: Your first PC

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    Your first PC

    here is a good one, what was the configuration of the first PC that you bought?

    I bought my first one in 97-98..

    it was a:

    P-II 266 Mhz
    4MB Onboard AGP W/Integrated sound :P
    14" monitor
    2.1 GB HDD
    32x CD-ROM drive
    32 MB RAM
    1.44 MB Floppy Drive
    Standard Keyboard and mouse

    That was a very top-of-the-line sort of configuration around that time
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    In 1998 I had:

    Celeron 333 mhz
    14 inch monitor
    onboard video
    32 mb RAM
    4 gig hard drive

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    I think mine was either a Tandy 1000 or a commodore 64... It hooked to my TV *which was black and white about 18 years ago.

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    P2 with 64 MB of RAM. I don't remember anything else; it was way back in 1995 or 1996
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    1995 for me:

    Pentium 90MHz
    mobo Intel
    RAM 16MB (4x4MB SIMM)
    hd 512MB Quantum
    video card cirrus with 512kB

    but it's still working with Windows'98 after upgrading RAM to 64MB (2x32MB)

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    I never wanted a computer, in fact I hated them. When my son got into High School I had to get him one or he'd be an outcast

    I got him the most powerful PC of the day, Plll 800mhz 512mb PC133 40gig HD.

    One day I was messing around with his PC and I discovered porn on the net, I built myself a PC the next day

    Officially my first PC was AMD 1.4 T Bird, 512mb PC2100, Geforce 2 Ultra. I gave the parts to phishhead some years ago

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    Mine was an AMD 286 DX4 100 mhz. 154 mg hdd, 8 mb ram.

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    Mine had two 5.25" floppy drives. Clock speed was 7.16 MHz

    Tandy 1000 SX
    CPU: Intel 8088
    RAM: 256K (Expandable to 640K)
    Ports: Edge Card Tandy Printer, DB9 Serial, Tandy Joystick x2 & Light Pen

    Display: TCGA 16 Colors & CGA 4 Colors
    Storage: One or Two 5.25" 360K Floppies
    Operating System: MS-DOS

    Before that I had a Color Computer often referred to as "CoCo".

    First Released: 1980
    CPU: 8 bit 6809E
    Clock speed: 0.89 MHz
    Bus type: Tandy Proprietary
    Data bus width: 8 - bit
    Address bus width: 16 - bit

    Standard on system board 4K
    (early models) or 16K
    Maximum on system board 32k

    (early models) or 64K
    Maximum total memory 64K

    ROM: 8K expandable to 16K
    Ports: RS232C serial ports,

    Mouse/joystick (shared)
    Display Screen size: 32 X 16
    Resolution: 9 / 256 X 192
    Storage : Tape

    Operating System: Microsoft basic ver 1.1 (built in)
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    Leading Edge 8088, with 512k RAM, 20Meg Hard drive, 5.25 floppy drive, and a monochrome monitor running MS DOS 3.1.

    Many thanks to egghead for the cool .sig

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    My dad built a heathkit with a super fast 9600k phone that you stuck the reciever in to surf the BB's. but my first was a 486SX with 32 megs of ram and a top of the line 4 meg tnt GPU. I think it had 512meg hard drive too.
    and fastgame its that board and cpu is stripes server last I checked.

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    PII, 256meg Seagate, 5.25 and 1.44 floppies, CD-Rom intimately attached to Creative software, Win95a, 16-bit X-fer, delivered disassembled in a bushel basket. Upgraded to 4, 10gig HD(all combinations), and Win95d 32-bit X-fer. Still runs fine for some programs I dont want to run on my XP box.
    An odd complaint- When I worked in these older systems, I always had the hood up and learned tons of "stuff". This XP box has run flawlessly for 3 years now and I havent learned much of anything since. I hope I can get my hands on some "broken" equipment soon. DRB

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    I had a Texas Instrument TI99 with a tape drive. Put a little counting game with sharks and ducks on the tape and tried to interest my 4 yr old daughter into correctly counting the ducks.Scared the living crap out of her the first time she got the answer wrong and the shark ate the duck.
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    1st - ZX81
    2nd - Dragon 32
    3rd (ish) 8086 4.77mhz

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