My computer wants to limit my gaming time.
I recently got some new games like:
"Soldiers - Heroes of World War II" and

In "Soldiers - Heroes of World War II" the computer immediately restarts and CPU is 20 degrees Celsius hotter.
While EVE shows blue screen blue screen

In both cases the computer stacks while booting or loading windows unless I give it some time and usually donít have problems in the first 30 minutes I play.

In both I receive that massage:

"Solution found: install missing updates

Thank you for submitting an error report.

Problem description

The error was likely caused by:

C-Media AC97 Audio Device


Your computer is missing updates that can fix or prevent the problem you reported.

1. Go to Microsoft Update.
2. Select the updates for C-Media AC97 Audio Device, and then click Review and install updates.

The Microsoft Update website only provides drivers for specific hardware types. If a new driver for your device is not listed on the Microsoft Update website, contact C-Media¬ģ Electronics Inc. online at C-Media¬ģ Electronics Inc..

Note: If you have not installed the latest Microsoft Update software, you will be asked to upgrade and restart your computer before you can use the website. After restarting, go to the Microsoft Update website. Click Custom, click Hardware, Optional, select all C-Media AC97 Audio Device updates, and then click Review and install updates.

C-Media AC97 is my sound card and its driver is up to date so that massage is almost completely useless.

What should I try?

1 thing I tried was cleaning my CPU fan to improve its efficiency. Didn't help me at all