Steve Jobs promised all Macs to move to Intel by 2007, but does it include servers?

2006 is definitely a milestone for Apple. The company has left a lot of its traditions and opted to go for what's best available instead of what's "different". It was John Scully that originally came up with the idea to use PowerPC processors rather than more mainstream Intel processors. He has since then openly admitted that doing that was the worst mistake he made at Apple.

Despite Apple's transition to Intel processors, a lot of questions are rising about Apple's line of servers. Since their introduction, Apple's servers have not been well embraced by the business community. In fact, some analysts say that Apple's sales of its Xservers account for only 1% of the company's total revenue. Despite this, Apple continues to push its servers.

According to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, the company will completely transition its products over to Intel processors by 2007. Although Apple is technically ahead of schedule, the fact that it remains completely silent about its business servers is disturbing to many. Traditionally, businesses require lead time for product releases, and in some cases are notified many months or even a year or more ahead of schedule so that the appropriate actions can be put into place if need be. Business customers are also concerned about when a product will come to end of life (EOL) and when support for such products will be terminated. Being Apple, the company has always remained tight-lipped about unreleased products and doesn't take kindly to those that leak its information.

Many are expecting Apple to release its servers after it has released its pro level desktop machines later this year. Although absolutely no details about Apple's servers have been released, some reports suggest that Apple might be using Intel's Woodcrest processor, which is the next server processor that Intel is preparing. Also, as virtualization becomes a bigger and bigger topic of discussion, Apple's servers along with its next OS called Leopard, will definitely be hot topics.

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