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Thread: Computer destroying monitors.

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    Computer destroying monitors.

    I know the title sounds stupid, but a friend is convinced that his old computer has ruined three "old" monitors. Before I play around with the computer, is this possible ? Can there be a short or something in the cable that goes to the monitor ?

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    Can there be a short or something in the cable that goes to the monitor ?
    If there was I'm sure it would damage the video card first, but would be a good idea for new cable just in case. You can check the cable with an Ohm meter . Too high of refresh rates would damage a monitor, I don't know if the older monitors have safe gauards against this like newer one's do.

    Lots of things can damage monitors, lightning, voltage surge, unshielded speakers...ect.

    To hard to answer without knowing more (hardware spec's) or seeing monitors.

    BTW CART monitors don't last forever, maybe "old" was ready to die ?
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    Yea, what FG said.
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    refresh rates can kill any monitor especially older ones that cannot handle the frequency.

    my monitor is set at 75khz

    i don't set it higher as it looks ok to me and on older monitors you can actually hear the monitor even buzz

    you can check what your monitors refresh rate is at in the display properties in control panel

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