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Thread: Printer prints magnified web pages - why?

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    Question Printer prints magnified web pages - why?

    I have an acquaintance who went to print off a web page and the page cut off about 100 pixels narrower that it is displayed online. I printed myself a copy at home and my printer printed it as it was displayed online.

    When I got to looking, I noticed that everything on the page he printed was about 1.5 times larger than my printout (and the web page). Both computers have the same resolution (if that has any bearing), his browser text size was normal (IE-medium). He told me he's been having problems with every web page he prints out. (I don't know if it's an issue with documents, etc.)

    Is there be a printer setting that is causing this magnification to happen?

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    Take a look at the print setup dialogue. There's usually a enlarge/shink setting that should be at 100% for the webpage to print correctly.

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