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Thread: Fish N Flush Toilet Bowl

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    Fish N Flush Toilet Bowl

    So you wanna take a crap but your bowl's not fly... you gotta us up for a pimped out John.

    The latest from Aquaone Technologies.

    The Fish N Flush was demonstrated at the Kitchen and Bath Show with a fantastic reception.
    Click here to see the press as it is coming in.

    Children will love watching the fish appear to fly out of the water
    when the toilet is flushed.

    Seeing is believing. I think it is a neat, but somewhat silly idea. Great for the fish lover in the family... it would be nice if they somehow reversed the sitting position so you could watch the fish while you crapped.

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    You also might find some of these interesting.

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    you'll have a reverse seat and get goldfish... so, they dont remember another small 'fish'

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