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Thread: Read the following about the Philippines today

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    Read the following about the Philippines today

    Conan. Outside of some 35 dying recently when a boat capsized, Phillipines hurricanes don't seem a big deal, judging by this bit from the BBC...

    "About 20 typhoons hit the Philippines each year, half a dozen of which cross the country, mostly during the rainy season from mid-May until September."

    Do you and your countrymen take them pretty much in stride?
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    well one of the times I went there was 15-20 ft surf from a hurricane

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    Well in the City not much damage usually happens since we are pretty much inland. But the people living by the shores and near muddy places usually suffer a lot.

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    The prices we pay for living in a Tropical Paradise huh?

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    Some friends went to Phuket earlier in the year, and there is still lots of devastion and rubble/mud etc from the massive tsunami that hit south asia!

    It is the price we pay, but most times it is the very poor who get most affected when their 'home' gets washed away

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