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Thread: Asus MY CINEMA-P7131 TV Tuner Card

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    Asus MY CINEMA-P7131 TV Tuner Card

    I have just been having a hay-day with this thing. Here's the issue: As I opened up the software for this new TV tuner card (Power Cinema), I can't receive TV. (Yes the cable is hooked up)

    I have done a channel scan, and it's the weirdest thing. While the program is scanning for available channels, I can see the live TV feed (during the scan). After the scan completes, it shows 71 available channels.

    After I apply and exit, there is no way to view the channels. As I go to view live TV, there is no live video feed (or any feed for that matter).

    This could be hardware or software... any ideas? Also, in the device manager there is a problem with the driver for a PCI slot..., and the only PCI slot I have in use is the TV tuner. Are there any updated drivers perhaps (I could not find any)? Also, I just bought this about a week ago from newegg, and now they aren't selling it anymore... hmm....

    ANY advice would be fantastic. Thanks.

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    i have the msi tuner card and its a bear to get that going too. unfortunately the only thing I can recommend is search the internet. I had to try about 3-4 different drivers and I installed the driver first then rebooted and installed the software. I'll try and do some searching for you also tomorrow at work cause I know its a pain to get that going but to have picture in picture while youre chatting and surfing is pretty cool. also you can schedule it to record shows and stuff just like a tivo.

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    what O/S are you using, ensure the latest drivers are used, and that they support BDA (or BDA compliant)... I have XP with a DigitalNow TinyUSB HDTV device, and there are several drivers to be installed before use... read the manual carefully, and follw all instructions.

    Also, check if u have to install Video Codec, and also if the channels u are trying to watch might be protected. Ur card needs to support the encryption/decryption...


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