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Thread: The Soviet Buildings that Weren't

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    Post The Soviet Buildings that Weren't

    Amazing. Some of those are awesome... too bad they were never realized.

    My favorite:

    "Heroes' Аrch". A monument to the heroic defenders of Moscow. L.Pavlov. 1942

    In October 1942, at the height of the Second World War, the newspaper "Literatura i Iskusstvo" (Literature and Art) wrote: "The competition for a monument to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War is drawing to a close. Some 90 projects have been submitted by Moscow sculptors and architects. It is also reported that entries have been sent from Leningrad, Kuibyshev, Sverdlovsk, Tashkent and other Soviet cities. Overall, more than 140 entries are expected". In order to acquaint the general public with the projects entered in the competition, there will be three exhibitions in winter and the spring of 1943. The demands of the competition included, inter alia, a monument "To the heroic defenders of Moscow". The choice of a putative location for the monument was left to the competitors. The designer of the "Heroes' Arch", architect L.Pavlov, suggested erecting the monument on Red Square. The monument was never erected.

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    Amazing pictures and designs... very advanced for 1930's !!

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