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Thread: Need 3D graphic designer option

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    Need 3D graphic designer option

    Hello every one, I would like to get you options about this software. Iím working on 3D modeling and creation and wanted to know what the rest of you think about AC3D program. It dose not cost an arm and leg and look promising. So would you think this application is worth the price or not?

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    Senior Member beelzebub's Avatar
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    yes this program does look promissing especially for $70

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    From what I have seen, I would say it is worth the money.....go for it.

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    I have been playing with the free 14 day trial demo of this application. I still have very limited experience in 3D design and development but for what I have seen it is not bad. I may have to buy the full version and see what all the features have to offer.

    Here is the features of this application as they are listed on there web site:

    Features Summary
    • Simple, intuitive 'click and drag' user interface
    • Truetype font 2D and 3D text generator
    • Integrated graphical texture coordinate editor
    • Fast subdivision surface modeling
    • Many 3D file formats supported

    • Fast real-time OpenGL graphics views (2D and 3D)
    • Multipoint polygon and line editing down to vertex level
    • No polygon limits
    • Extrusion and surface revolution
    • Software development kit and plugin interface.
    • Fast and memory efficient, compact program binary.
    • Built-in fast OpenGL 3D renderer with adjustable field-of-view - instantly see results of your actions in 3D. Spin the model or switch into 'walk mode' for Quake-style control.
    • Edit at different granularity - groups, objects, surfaces, vertices
    • Full polygon editing. e.g create a sphere and easily move the points (vertices) to deform the shape.
    • Create and edit multi-point polygons and lines - not just triangles.
    • Manipulate individual surfaces
    o insert/remove vertices
    o make holes
    o spike
    o spline
    o bevel
    o triangulate
    o flip
    o subdivide
    • Texture mapping support with real-time rendering.
    • Texture/background image file formats supported:
    o GIF
    o JPG
    o PNG
    o BMP
    o DDS
    o PPM
    o TGA (Targa)
    o TIF
    • Graphical Texture Coordinate Editor (UV Mapper)
    • Assemble surfaces into new objects
    • 4 views - 3 orthographic and one 3D. All at once or individually.
    • Named objects can be searched for within a scene
    • Navigate/Zoom around the 2d views with cursor keys and other single key presses
    • Hierarchical view window
    • Hide/unhide objects for easier/faster editing of complicated scenes
    • Headlight and up to 7 other positionable lights
    • 24-bit colour palette with adjustable diffuse; ambient; emissive; specular; shininess and transparency
    • Adjustable 2D and 3D grid guide lines with grid-snap function
    • Create new surfaces/objects around any selection (Convex hull)
    • Configurable to use external renderers such as Povray and BMRT - just select Tools->Render to start.
    • Multi platform program - AC3D file format compatible across platformsAttach URLs to objects for use in VRML files
    • Attach string data to objects to be used as scripting in Dive or special directives for POV or renderman
    • Supports many output/input formats including
    o 3D-studio 3DS
    o Lightwave LWO
    o Alias triangle
    o DXF
    o VRML1 and 2 and Inventor
    o Povray
    o Renderman RIB
    o Triangles
    o Direct X
    o Milkshape
    o Quake 3 bsp
    o MD2
    o Wavefront OBJ
    o OFF
    o stl (ascii)
    o sof (airfoil)
    o SMF
    o T3D
    o LDRAW .ldr (Lego)
    • Extrude and revolve 2D lines to make 3D shapes.
    • scale a selection to a specific size
    • flip a selection (mirror) about X, Y or Z axis
    • Remove duplicate vertices and surfaces ('optimize')
    • Simple documented file formats allow easy conversion from other forms of data - ideal for visualizing your own data in 3D.
    • Developer SDK.

    and you can download the free trial from this link below
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    Hardware guy Super Moderator FastGame's Avatar
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    Hopefully cash_site will stop by with some insight before your trial expires, 3D development is his job

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    Silver Member Linedawg's Avatar
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    That would be awesome; I’m currently in school for game software development and in my off week of school and in my free time I trying to teach myself 3D graphic design. So hopefully I can create a game of my own.

    I’m trying to take a hobby and turn it into a career. To this point all I have been able to do is 2D games “Cheesy one at that”

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    Quote Originally Posted by FastGame
    Hopefully cash_site will stop by with some insight before your trial expires, 3D development is his job
    So do I, still have 10 days of the free trial remaining. But I can now make a 3D model of a trash can and eye ball. Man I rock lolÖ

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    Hey buddy, sorry i just signed on... im in a different city to normal... now... AC3D is a good app, strong features good value for the money, compared to Maya or 3ds max etc...

    There are a few freeware/lowcost options, i think u mentioned blender et al, in another post...

    Now, you have look at suitability to your course work.. ie, are you able to get 'education' or student prices for software, does the school have the software for loan, can u do all the school work in AC3D?

    Also, do a deep search on their websites, and they should have a personal learning package, migh be a couple versions old, but it should be complete. Some trials dont allow you to render or add textures etc or wireframe only...

    Ask your Teacher on the suitability...

    Otherwise, i have used version 4 & 5, and was able to do the little jobs i had lying around... It wont have the fine tuning or interoperability as Maya, but you dont want to spend $1000's either

    Keep us posted

    --- 0wN3D by 3gG ---

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