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Thread: Sharing Broadband connection - routers

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    Sharing Broadband connection - routers

    I'm thinking of finally switching to the world of broadband, since it sudenly got a lot cheaper in the UK.
    We have 2 PCs currently so a basic ADSL modem isn't sufficient - I believe we want an ADSL modem / router combo?
    Wireless isn't required so can somebody confirm these two models do what I think - namely that they allow up to 5 PCs by the 1 USB and 4 ethernet ports, and that the router acts as a normal network router too, fulfilling the same role as a hub/switch?
    1st one
    2nd one
    You might need to check the extended specs.

    Thanks for any advice.
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    Yep, definitely a modem/router is the way to go...

    #1 seems the most versatile with different settings etc... it has 4 ports for ethernet and 1 USB (although you really wouldnt use the USB connection)... This device can be used to make an internal LAN for filesharing etc, and sharing your internet automatically... ensure you enable all security features such as Admin password, remote administration and firewalls.


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    better the super cheapo models aren't very good plus you need to make sure you can work with adsl 2.

    Netgear stuff is reliable and well supported.
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