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    I am now working for 6 months as Sys admin, supporting one sun solaris box and couple of Win 2000 SBS server. My company has total of 30 users. We also have in house Exchange server and a webserver.

    Since our company bought a new building we are supposed to move to a new building in next 3 weeks. And I am supposed to take care of the IT move. Down time is Saturday and Sunday only

    We have no test systems

    Any idea of how should I plan this move. I already started to work on it. But any help/idea/exprience will be appreciated.


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    all I got to say is backup back up oh yeah and back up. if you have a line tester I would test the lines in the new building, any UPS and/or generators need to be tested.

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    If it only a relocation, then the important things to check (in addition to Phish's comments) is power ports at each desk, Network/phone connections. Rack space in the IT room.

    There should be some good relocation checklists on the Net

    Makesure each user logons and shutdown correctly at the old place. This should safe all the domain profile details correctly.

    Check for mapped network drives that use an IP address instead of Name (do u have DHCP or manual IP?) DHCP might allocated different ips and stuff up connections etc...

    Make a proper network port layout map from the old place, and ensure it is similarlly hooked up at the new place... Do you have load balancing etc setup? DFS?

    I think basically, take everything offline and shutdown, then make the move.... Hopefully when u get back online, everything should be as it is


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    Thanks to cash and phish....for posting solutions.
    All I have to do is make the network diagram. ..... lol. ...............I took care of the rest. ....

    thx again.

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