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Thread: A new PC v. Mac commercial

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    A new PC v. Mac commercial

    From the comments at ZD Net on the Fighting Microsoft's piracy check article...

    Time for a new Apple "Mac and PC" commercial.

    MacDude: Hi, Iím a Mac.

    PC Suit: And Iím a PC.

    MacDude: I run Mac OS X. It comes free with the computer. Fixes and minor upgrades are free, and you get them automatically. You can buy major upgrades inexpensively, including in family packs in case you have several Macs in your home or small business.

    PC Suit: I run Windows. It comes with the computer (adding to the cost, but hey, it seems free). You get fixes automatically with me, too. In fact, Iím automatically downloading and installing a critical update right now.

    MacDude: Oh? What does it do?

    PC Suit: It fixes piracy. It makes sure that you really bought the Windows copy legitimately.

    MacDude: Thatís critical?

    PC Suit: It is for Microsoft. But the software is unobtrusive for honest users, assuming it works right.

    MacDude: You mean thereís some question? Didnít they test it?

    PC Suit: Well, not thoroughly. Itís still in what we call ďbeta,Ē which means that theyíre still doing testing on it involving testers outside of Microsoft. But, they have millions of testers, so it should go quickly.

    MacDude: Millions?

    PC Suit: Yes. Millions of people who own Windows get this update, along with other critical updates, and if it works right for them, well, then, we know itís good.

    MacDude: You mean the regular customers?

    PC Suit: Yes.

    MacDude: Do they know that theyíre beta-testing software? Thatís primarily of benefit to Microsoft, not to them, even if it works properly?

    PC Suit: Well, we do tell them in the fine print, that they can read with only a few mouse clicks, but only if they donít have their systems set to install critical updates automatically. Most do, though.

    MacDude: Isnít that a bit, er, irresponsible? What if it doesnít work right? What if it causes problems with peopleís computers? What about security concerns? How does it tell Microsoft if the Windows is legitimate?

    PC Suit: Sorry, installation finished, and I have to reboot now.

    MacDude: PC? PC? [waves hands in front of PC Suitís eyes] Oh, right, letís give him a few seconds to get restarted.

    PC Suit: Oookkaaayy, Iiiímmm bbaaackk.

    MacDude: You okay? You seem, er, slower than before.

    PC Suit: Wwweeellll, iiitt doooeesss taaake ssoomme C P U tttiiimmmeee. Waaaaiiitt, III haaaavve ttoooo phoooone hhhoooommee. [Pulls out cell phone. Whispers.] Hello, Microsoft? This is PC. I'm located at IP address ..., and my serial number is ....

    MacDude: Why are you whispering?

    PC Suit: Iiii dooonnnít wwaaannntt mmmyyy usseerrr tttooo kkknnnooowww thaaat III phoonned hooommmee.

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    thats great!

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    Watching Your every move...
    and true too...

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    I wonder if the "fee" for being a beta tester for the final verision of Vista, is going to break my bank account?

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    I like it. I'm not a big fan of the original ads though. Some of them have a point, some of them just manipulate information. Which I guess is the point of advertising.

    I like this comic from Ctrl+Alt+Del about the ads though:
    (This and the other comics do contain some coarse language... just a heads up...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by rik View Post
    and true too...

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    Love itttttt
    BTW, My IE still freezes my PC. (and as I was writtng thiis, all showed in blank and suddenly the text appeared all together)

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