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Thread: Unable to Renew IP address (Dynamic IP)

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    Unable to Renew IP address (Dynamic IP)

    I got 1 laptop (XP SP2) and a desk (XP SP2)
    I have no firewalls / antivirus ( laptop on my friend network with router worked fine) and i just bought a new lan adapter PCI for the desk.

    I got Dsl dynamic IP and i connect Desk to Dsl Modem
    Laptop is connected to Desk via Crossover cable.

    Laptop can see the sharedoc of Desk

    But Desk can't see (sharedoc neither itself's nor Laptop's)

    I reboot DnS client and DHCP but no hope :P

    Any help ?(any info u need ? about my situation)

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    Open the command prompt and type -

    ipconfig /all

    This will obtain all ip's on a network. Once you learn the ip address for the notebook, you can ping the notebook computer from your desktop. If the the ping fails there are only three things that are likely causes. They are a faulty nik in the notebook, a bad or corrupted nik driver, or a bad crossover cable.

    To ping the notebook use the following command on the desktop in the command prompt.


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