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Thread: Unprotecting WMV files

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    Unprotecting WMV files

    Hi I have downloaded a video from a service called Sky by Broadband where you can legally download videos. I then wanted to put this video onto my Portable Media Center but this cannot be done as the file is protected from burning and syncing. So i was hoping there is some software or way that i can unprotect the video so i can put it onto my Portable Media Center.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I think the rule with this is you can download it and watch it legaly, but the copyright will kick in if you try and burn the film or transfer it to another piece of equipment. thats my view on it but I wouldnt quote me on it.

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    Its protected for a reason:

    From Sky by Broadband -
    Can I save to another hard drive, CD, DVD or other device?
    You will only be able to play the video on the PC it was downloaded to. Items cannot be downloaded on to DVD.
    Copying to another device will break the Terms & Conditions.

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