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Thread: Setting Up A Network / Network Design

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    Setting Up A Network / Network Design

    I had initially asked Booger this question and he had gave me
    some good interesting ideas about how a network for a mid
    level company should function. My main question involved
    servers. I have became facinated with the way that blade
    servers along with a cool rack are supposed to be the whole
    'wave of the future". HP Proliant Servers On the special cooling
    racks which are evidently able to prevent servers from overheating
    in a case scenario such as the air conditioning breaking in a certain
    envioronment thats required to maintain a cool temperate.
    In the past they we're well known for overheating from what I recall
    reading. Far be it from me, ive read into a lot of different network
    designs and I had an idea that one server could successfully allow
    your network to function. As I was told about the problems that
    could asiee from one server made me go with my gut. I'll cut to the
    chase, if I ever run a company I would like it to be set up correctly
    so im using all the tools, well just Microsoft Visio and Smartdraw Suite
    for floorplans to work off of. My future company would have three
    floors, on of them being a call center and the other two utilizing
    fifty workstations. None the less I was wondering what some
    of you individuals who actually see servers everyday until you
    think of the really good ones that are so expensive for your
    companies, businesses, etc. Your ingight on this topic would
    be greatly appreciated if you could elaborate and razzle dazzle
    me with your great minds for a moment out of your days.

    Theres one other thing. I've never seen a server room aside form
    the internet displays. For those who actually work around them
    consistently, does a server need to be be on each floor or can
    there just be one solo server room/data center for IT Admins and such?

    I appologize for the way that I have orchestrated this question,
    but if you read I hope you understand what im trying to accomplish.

    Thank you for your time and attention and participation smarties.
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    does a server need to be be on each floor or can
    there just be one solo server room/data center for IT Admins and such?
    It depends on the size of the company and the actual server load. Approximately how many people will be using the network and how many servers are you wanting to use?

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    my company's server farm is nuts. It has raised cooled floor panels, waterless fire supression(they have O2 masks in the room incase you get locked in),and 2 back up generators. they keep that room pretty damn chilly. I wouldnt put it pass my company if theres over 100 blade servers. and thats only the corp severs. then we have little pod rooms for Q/A, Developers, ETC.

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    Also distance is a key factor in server layout, especially over different building levels... UTP has 100m limit... so u may need 1 server per floor or at least a router/switch device Unless u go fibre backbone between floors...hmm

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    Thanks For Replying

    I was thinking about four servers
    on each of the 2 floors, for two
    server rooms, connecteted by interconnect
    switches the one room with a modular cooling
    system,a cisco pix 525 firewall thats able to
    fall back to a backup firewall

    server configurations for each floor

    if im wrong ill learn but I think im good with that

    reply back if you can

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