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Thread: Free firewall software?

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    Free firewall software?

    Hey guys,
    I've been searching around for a free firewall for a friend man alot of them have dissappeared such as sygate.We tryed out zone alarm but didnt like it to much kept having problems with it blocking programs like MSN messenger and such even after setting it to allow.So does anyone know a good free firewall software out there?For the time being we installed an older version of sygate.But i do not know how secure that will be since there will probally be no new updates for it since symantec purchased it.

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    If your friend likes Sygate and is an average computer user who is reasonably cautious about where he goes on the net, he'll be fine with Sygate. The basic firewall protection is there. The updates really aren't that critical if you're using a stable version of Sygate. I'm still using Sygate and have no intention of switching until something happens that shows me I am no longer protected from attacks. The arrow blinking red in my systray tells me Sygate is still doing its job. And there's still the option of advanced rules. I've never had to use them.

    There is still a Sygate Forum. I think they're trying to keep it up as long as they can.

    All the old free versions of Sygate are here:
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