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Thread: Video card recognition

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    Video card recognition


    I had a quick question/request for help on my video card.

    I recently put in another GB of memory for my computer and soon as I did so and started the computer back up the GeForce 7800 GT was not getting recognized, I realized this while I was playing "DAoC" an online game when the screen started skipping and choppy movements, etc. I'm not computer savvy besides the basic knowledge. My brother is quite savvy, but he's over in Korea and I have had a difficult time contacting him. So that same day I removed the memory thinking that was it, because it screwed up on the same day I put the memory in, so it fits as the cause.

    When I go to my devices there is an unknown device, which would be my video card since it isn't listed elsewhere. It's frustrating and I'm at my wits end on what to do, I've searched online and as I said I'm not savvy with some terminology, so it's like reading greek. I don't see why adding one stick of memory made the video card screw up and become unidentifiable. So if anyone has a 'Guide for dummies' that would be great if I could be enlightened on what to do

    Apologize if this isn't easily understandable...


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    Maybe when you added the memory You accidentally hit the video card causing it to not be seated properly in it's slot. Try reseating that card first. Just remove it from it's slot, then reinstall it into the slot. Make sure none of the gold colored contacts are showing once it's in the slot.

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    Reseating the card and if necessary reinstalling the latest drivers would be your best bet.Installing additional memory will not cause problems with the video card.Was the video card being reconized before installing the memory?It more then likely is a driver issue.

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